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Special Guest: Lisa Lanyon – Aura Painting

I have been influenced by many artists and philosophers – Paul Klee, Max Ernst, Wassily Kandinsky, Helene Cixious, Julia Kristeva and Jean Baudrillard are among my favorite artists and philosophers. I often engage in “Automatic” painting. I am influenced by the methods of the Surrealists and the Symbolists. Symbolic imagery, the deconstruction of symbols and the overall language of symbols as they appear in everything from advertisement to dreams are important focal points. Art is old and young simultaneously. Art is a ritual. Art is Magic. There is purpose to the brush stroke even if it is purely personal, purely “Unconscious”.

I try to tap into this field of mystery.

I am willing to tolerate ambiguity. I do not know what the answers might be, but I sometime glimpse shadows of shadows. Shadows of unknown realms I’d like to explore. For me, art is a method of seeing what cannot ordinarily be seen.

I’ve been exploring Aura Painting for many years.

My readings are a kind of conversation with the energies surrounding a person. I pick up various information depending on the person. I like to offer suggestions about past lives, current potentials and messages from the departed.

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