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Song Bird Grand Mother

Thursdays 1-6pm

$80 ½ hour • $180 hour

Song Bird Grand Mother is a Medicine Woman and Teacher. Born with an antenna tuned into the spiritual world, she has trained and studied with great masters and teachers from her indigenous lineages. Coming from a long line of healers and shamans from her Korean, Dine, and Toltec heritages, she is a bridge between the East and West

She facilitates private and group healing ceremonies to help alleviate suffering, find solutions to problems, cultivate kindness & compassion, clear negative forces, and gain more wisdom.

Her specialities include Ancestral Healing, Business Consultation, Relationship Counseling, Career growth, Psychic Mediumship, Shamanic Healing, & Expansion.

Song Bird is also a scholar and has a BA in Psychology, and a Masters of Humanities in Ancient Philosophy and Religion.

With over 20 years in the healing arts, she has traveled the world sharing sacred messages and transformational healing.

Intuitive Reading: $80 30 MIN, $180 Hour
Gain spiritual insight on business/career, relationship, health and more in this in-depth reading.
Shamanic Clearing: $100 30 MIN, $200 Hour
Drumming, Singing, Meditation, extraction, and clearing. Clear out your energy fields, remove stagnant energy, and receive new blessings.
Medium reading
Connect with your ancestors and passed loved ones, receive ancestral clearing, and do an offering for your loved ones.
$150 30 MIN, $250 HOUR

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