10am – 7pm Mon-Sat
10am – 5pm Sun

9106 W 6th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215

Song Bird Grand Mother

Sundays 12-5pm

$60 ½ hour • $120 hour

Song Bird Grand Mother is a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Born Seer, and Medium. She was born with an antenna to the Spiritual world, and has spent 25 years helping others grow their gifts, solve problems, and heal suffering. Her work is a blend of transformational healing, spiritual insight, and ancient wisdom. Coming from a long line of healers and mystics she honors her ancestral traditions of Korean, Dine, Apache, and Meso-American, in all her services. Her specialties are soul path readings, business/career counseling, relationship and love advice, ancestral clearings, Health, Space blessings, and Spiritual ceremonies. 


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