10am – 7pm Mon-Fri
10am – 5pm Sat & Sun

9106 W 6th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215


Sundays 1130-430pm • Sundays 11:30am-pm  

$65 ½ hour • $120 hour

~Mera~ is gifted as a Master Soul Channel/Seer. She was brought in as a “Rainbow Light” facilitator to help empower others to Awaken to their true identity and soul calling. Through divine abilities, Mera connects to the SOUL and different realms which allow her to clearly see their path and other truths. Through mediumship, Mera communicates directly with Spirit accessing the Wisdom of Creator as her guiding light. This communication allows her to contact, listen and translate messages and guidance for an individual’s highest good. She is also able to connect with other benevolent Light beings that are anxiously awaiting to assist on this beautiful journey on Earth. Let’s Awaken the Light Within and Live in Love, Harmony, Balance, Bliss and ONENESS!!
~ Master Channel/Medium*
~ Rainbow Light Facilitator (Divine Downloads, guidance), Soul & Realm readings
~ Galactic Contacts/Information & Healings
** Mediumship to connect with Loved Ones is $120.00 for a session. Sometimes this sessions are 15 minutes and sometimes 1 hour. Spirit is in control

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