10am – 7pm Mon-Sat
10am – 5pm Sun

9106 W 6th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215

Char Willette-Costello

Tuesdays 1-6pm

$60 ½ hour • $120 hour

Char Willette-Costello

Intuitive Counselor



About the founder

I am a healer. By using the tarot and my clairvoyance, I can quickly assess and support what each person needs a reading. I completed my Master’s Degree in counseling Psychology in the mid 90’s. With this added dimension, I am able to mix the psychic with the psychiatric and fine tune my readings. I have been reading the tarot for the past 20 years and have had the gift of Clairvoyance since I was a small child.



-Master with the tarot


-Ability to see the future with readings.

-Can quickly support and assess.






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