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Every Monday: Body Meditation™ Practice

The body meditation™ practice is a method of conscious-relaxation to cultivate a state of ease and total presence in the body.

The intention for using the Body Meditation™ practice is to conscioulsy relax your way to the theta brain waves.

During the practice, you learn to purposefully keep your awareness in the body and intentionally cultivate a deeply relaxed state.

With practice, you will experince, a mind-body parnternship that is necessary to access the theta brain waves. Your mind must stay present in your body to get to theta! Period! If your mind is wandering outside the body, you can only access alpha. There are benefits from spending time meditating in the alpha brain waves, and there are even greater benefits from consciously spending time in theta brain waves.

Beginning Promptly at 6:30 pm
$5.00 Donation


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